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You are certain of top quality training as we have several decades of experience in training throughout the UK and worldwide. We are focussed on improving the quality of delivery and understanding of Tarot. By doing this, our goal is for each person to be empowered and to have a greater awareness of, and understanding of themselves and others too. This gives us greater choice.

Mary’s Mantra is “I observe my reaction, I choose the best response, based on the outcome I intend”.


Whatever your level - beginner, intermediate or advanced Tarot student wanting to increase your knowledge or find out more about professional reading, we have a range of options - including Training Courses and Workshops - to suit your requirement, available time and budget.

Choose from:

All our courses are available face to face (in the Midlands UK area) or you can dial in via webconference and join us from anywhere in the world. We LOVE technology as it opens up the globe for us all.



(I) Introduction to Tarot – 10 weeks £200 (paid in advance. In one payment or spread over 3 x £70, which includes a £10 administrative charge)
(II) Intermediate Tarot – x weeks
(III) Professional Readers – x weeks
(IV) Tarot Refresher -
(V) Tarot Readers’ Drop In -
(VI) Workshops on specific subjects
(VII) Monthly Teleconferences See Teleconferences
(VIII) Webconferences See Webconferences


Choose which type and duration suits you best and contact mary@tarotacademy.co.uk or call 07721 429984, and we will be delighted to talk to you about what is best for you.


Midlands Tarot Meetup

Visit our Meetup group TODAY and join us for the Midlands Tarot Monthly Dropin Meeting. Enlighten yourself with the world of Tarot!

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