Tarot Academy

Monthly Tarot Drop In

We host a Tarot evening on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Lots more info is available in our Diary, and why not see the Testimonials page too?



Founder Members who attended our launch £10 for the whole evening
First time visitors quoting “website” £5 for your first visit
Regular price £15 for the whole evening


Bring a full paying guest You pay just £10.00
Bring 3 new full paying guests You come free!


Want to make sure you get your own invitation to this each month? Then email mary@tarotacademy.co.uk with “TDI” in the subject header or call 07721 429984, and we will be delighted to add you to our Tarot Drop In invitations list. We are also happy for you to share your invitations with friends you know who would love this too.


Midlands Tarot Meetup

Visit our Meetup group TODAY and join us for the Midlands Tarot Monthly Dropin Meeting. Enlighten yourself with the world of Tarot!

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