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We have a range of excellent Tarot “games” - a great way to find out more about Tarot, get a great interactive reading and learn more about Tarot and about yourself in the process.


Some of our games are able to be played by one player only, others are great for up to 4 people to play. (Or larger numbers in multiples of 4 if you decide to have a bigger group and you play in teams).

1. The TAROT DICE game is great for one player although if you are open to sharing your question then 1 player can ask a question and get great insight from multiple readers! Available to play at our Tarot Drop In Meetings.
2. The Tarot.Tarot game is our most popular and effective game. We’ve been using it for a number of years and it really is simple and powerful. Fun and easy to play it offers great insights and you get to keep a note of your reading. We play this at our Tarot Drop In Meetings each month - you’ll need to book your place if you want to be sure of your seat!
3. The Tarotel game is another game we have available for those who fancy a more challenging game!



All Games Free to play at our Monthly Drop In Meetings, or see Tarot Parties for how to book a game at your home or place of work


If you come to our regular Monthly Drop In meetings you just book your seat on the Tarot.Tarot game as soon as you confirm your place at a particular month’s event. You can do this by email to mary@tarotacademy.co.uk with “GAME” in the subject header or call 07721 429984, and we will be delighted to confirm your reservation. Or, book your own game by contacting us and letting us know.


Midlands Tarot Meetup

Visit our Meetup group TODAY and join us for the Midlands Tarot Monthly Dropin Meeting. Enlighten yourself with the world of Tarot!

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