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Tarot Parties

Want to have your own party? Great! We can come to you if you are reasonably local in the Midlands.


If you get a group of at least 8 people together then we can come to you. For bigger groups we have a great team of readers who can make it a memorable event for you and your friends and colleagues.

We can do this in your home, in the local pub, restaurant, or even at your place of work - yes, we’ve been known to transform your boardroom (in more ways than one!).

Want to find out more? Then let us know and we can send you much more information including timetables to help you book your event and organise people’s readings, how to set the scene, how to guarantee a fantastic event which is useful and beneficial to all.



Tarot Party (min. 8 people) Contact us for details and our Guide to Hosting Your Own Tarot Party

As a general guide, assume 20 minute readings @ £20 per person x 8 = £160, no additional expenses charged.


Want to find out more? Then email mary@tarotacademy.co.uk with “Party” in the subject header or call 07721 429984, and we will be delighted to send you our FREE GUIDE to Hosting Your Own Tarot Party. There’s no commitment on your part by asking for this free guide and we will send it to you with our compliments.


Midlands Tarot Meetup

Visit our Meetup group TODAY and join us for the Midlands Tarot Monthly Dropin Meeting. Enlighten yourself with the world of Tarot!

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