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What are they saying about us?

It is our pleasure to read and to share insights with you. We have collected a number of testimonials over the last few years and are happy to share a selection of them with you.

Our testimonials come from the following sources:

"I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the reading that we had on Monday. It provided me with insight on things I now need to address to move forward in my life. I really appreciated your style and energy throughout, which also made it good fun." MH

"Totally amazing. You managed in 15 minutes to sum up my life and to recognise actually where I'm at in my journey, even before I managed to! You were so open and gave your time freely, explaining each card and how they can impact on my surroundings and what I can do to help change and alter the current situation which I find myself in. You are a wonderful person with a unique gift." BO

"What was special was the ease with which you explained my cards and what they may or may not mean to me. Thanks for opening me up to more feedback about myself. Inspirational and insightful for me. All of what you said was spot on - the one thing I hadn't considered was .... I'll open myself up to give and receive in that area of my life as I'm more aware of this through your reading." PW

"Has made me realise what I need to let go of, although it will be difficult. Has encouraged me to step back and look into myself a bit more." AC

"my reading gave me a lot of insight into my current situation. It helped with decisions that I have to face. Mary was very professional and friendly. I'll definitely come again" HU

"Made me realise I hold all my power and I can make decisions to empower myself. Very helpful in helping me to see the bigger picture. Thank you. :-) " LM

"Really useful, helpful and accurate. Very relevant to my life at the moment. Thank you." CW

"Last night I had the most wonderful night's sleep in a long while - I'm sure it's down to your calm reading and way in which you made me feel at ease. I really wanted to say thank you very much. Sometimes it's good to talk to someone who understands your thought process and I do believe that you understand mine. I do appreciate what you did. Many thanks." SH

"The reading really helped me to put things into perspective and look at the action points I need to take in my own life. It also helped me to confirm my inner feelings. It was very useful." EBG

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous reading you gave me. I really appreciated it."

"Mary is an extremely warm, intuitive and perceptive lady. I felt totally at ease with her as she did a general reading and I felt that she explained things clearly and sensitively, asking perceptive questions and making amazingly helpful links between the cars and what they might suggest in my life. The reading was incredibly helpful and has validated where I am at in my journey and has provided reassurance and additional motivation for me to be brave and true to myself and to follow my dream and what is important to me. Thank you so much. I will be coming to you again." AS

"Very interesting! I started off as a real skeptic and was surprised by what came out. Spot on and very pertinent. Helpful and thought provoking." G

"Wow! Thank you so much for your time and your words of encouragement. You are a very gifted reader. VERY! you're absolutely correct in deciphering what the cards had to say about my past and present, so let's hope the future is just as accurate! Thank you." HN

"Opened my eyes and put a smile on my face." TG

"Thought provoking. Interesting. Brought up lots of relevant things. I need to reflect and think about what changes I can make as a result of looking at some of my options." C

"This was my first reading. I found it useful and it really put things into perspective. Certain fears that have been buried deep are now closer to the surface and it has helped me to talk about them. Thank you." WT

"Was quite confused, at a crossroads about a lot of things. I now feel I can move on and make decisions now. Feel totally cleansed! Thank you." SP

"Lovely to think about life in detail. I have already started to think about how I appreciate family in particular. Lots to think about!" HW

"Great to take time out and appraise my life. The reading has helped me value some key parts of my life and look forward to the future. Thank you." LP

"Great reading, very insightful, lots to think about. When can I come back for more?" KL

"Thank you so much for the reading. With all the decisions I have to make at the moment it has really helped me not worry about the future. Thank you. I'll be back!" EZ

"Unbelievable reading. All my dilemmas, hopes and possibilities are spelt out very clearly to me. Thank you for the reading." AY

"I was really impressed and I could really relate to what she was saying. I found it a great help for the future to give me some ideas." CR

"Surprisingly accurate and very exciting!" CL

"Mary made me feelso at ease and the reading she gave me, gave some good advice" JB

"First time I've had a reading. Inspirational." MM

"It's always great seeing Mary, the readings always put things into perspective and allow me to move and make changes in my life! It also makes me see clearly who I am and what I'm worth to myself and others around me. Thank you so so so much for giving myself and others so much in times of difficulty and also in times of joy." RT

"Mary did a wonderful job at explaining the individual cards and then relating them to the spread as a whole. It was a pleasure. Gave me a sense of comfort. Thank you." JP

"I felt very comfortable with Mary. I felt I trusted her which I feel is very important. Thank you. It all makes sense and I feel reassured. Thanks again, God bless you." AP

"Very relaxing reader. Very enlightening and accurate. Will come again." JS

"I found it very relaxing. I have some useful information from the reading to help me make the right choices I know I need to make. Mary is friendly and helpful and is willing to keep in touch by email." O

"It's good to have a reading from someone who is kind and open. Thank you." SM

"Truly inspired once again! Thank you Mary, your words of wisdom have given me so much, I will always be truly grateful." LM

"Brilliant reading. Lovely lady. Cards were very interesting." J

"Not as daunting as expected. Good outline and outcome from cards." PJ

"Very interesting. Given me good guidance." EJ

"A very helpful piece of guidance at a real turning point in my life. Some definite focus and support." CH

"Mary is wonderful and really relaxing and extremely good at reading the cards." HWJ

"I am very pleased as it has been guidance for me to move forward. Every card was based upon my life. Thank you. I would like to keep in touch." SS

"Thanks again for sharing your Tarot cards with me. You are a shining example of someone who embodies peace and love. Keep shining." BC

"A warm reading that meant a lot to me. Made sense. I am going to look within and learn from what the cards tell me. Thank you Mary." SB

"I'm very pleased and will recommend you." C

"Mary put me at ease straight away. I have been through very difficult times recently and now feel I have the confidence to move forward and keep focussed. Thank you Mary." SH

"Thanks for your time. Yours was the only reading that made me think about my actions." AT

"Many thanks for my reading. I found it very instructive and really quite helpful and will certainly take on board what you've suggested." CM

"Thank you for my reading. You are so right about ..... and the comment about ..... is spot on about me! Your advice regarding ..... makes sense and I am starting to remind myself to live more in the present rather than worry about what is going to happen in the future, so in this way I do feel more grounded lately. All in all a very accurate reading and one I will take advice on. With thanks again." LM

"Your reading described my situation pretty accurately!" AT

"Thank you so much. The reading was great. You were right about ..... and, well, very much spot on in the rest of the reading too! I am quite shocked as everything you said really is spot on! What a great reading. Thank you muchly :-0) SAM

"Thanks so much for your reading. It's taken me some time to reply as I was initially blown away by some of your comments" JW

"My first visit to Mary. So, so helpful. Came to see Mary with problems and left Mary feeling positive and happy." CG

"Has given me an insight into where I am how now and what I need to do to make it happen! Very positive. Mary is a fantastic communicator." S

"Although I was sceptical to begin with, once the reading had started I was amazed at the accuracy of the cards being drawn. The reader was very nice and empathetic. In whole, I found the reading useful and helpful to clarify my thoughts." MA

"Really good. Thorough and understanding. Knows her stuff! My first time and I would definitely come again." S

"I felt very calm and relaxed talking to Mary. Feel that there are obstacles that I can now deal with." PS

"Very interesting and thought provoking, good reading. Now I need to apply it!" JR

"Truly inspirational" MR

"Wow! What a fantastic experience. It has helped so much in a positive way." LA

"My mind feels a lot better. The reading helped me realise that I should take it easy with life and I realise that I already know what I should do. I will sleep better, thank you." SM


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